A. Primary is a boutique, sales repping agency based in Austin, Texas, founded in 2014. Our focus is handmade, artisanal products, designed and manufactured here in the USA.  Our talented line up of local and national artisans are committed to using sustainable materials - locally sourced, and eco-friendly practices. These are just a few of the qualities that set A. Primary apart in the industry. We are proud to represent modern, artisanal, paper goods and fine gifts to unique retailers nation-wide.  

Meet Sasha Perstac – Founder and Owner of A. Primary

A. Primary grew out of a passion, and love of quality, bespoke, handmade goods. After years working in both the wholesale and retail management side of the home décor and paper goods industry, Sasha combined her experience, knowledge and passion to create A. Primary. 

“One of the things I yearned for as a wholesale rep was to have the capacity and flexibility to truly get to know my accounts and their individual shop needs. Because I am so passionate and adamant about products being made in the USA, I decided that would be my niche in this industry.”

A. Primary strives to be a unique, wholesale platform for retailers. Our intent is to provide retailers with the best paper goods and fine gifts, with the highest level of customer care and personal dedication. 

Meet Candace Hall – office assistant, animal lover, and all - around good egg. 

Candace is an office administrative extraordinaire. She keeps everything organized and running smoothly over here. She’s the magic behind the scenes; and keeps my sanity in check. She’s the Banana Slug to my Gaucho (UC Santa Cruz, and UC Santa Barbara respectively). 

Products represented by A.Primary can be found nationwide: